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Filling your Love Cup

My friend, Mitsiko, speaks about filling her love cup1.  She's talking about the amount of love she has in reserve.  When I first heard this expression, it somehow didn't resonate with me, but, over time, I've sat with the idea, and I like it.

Perhaps you know what it's like to give till you think that there's nothing left to give.  (Actually, I think there is more to give, but it's just not easy.)  But that feeling... being drained, wanting time and space to refresh, wanting to feel whole and grounded.  I am now thinking of that empty feeling as a signal that I need to fill my love cup.

I believe that we each fill our love cup in our own unique way.  When I consciously know that I'm depleted, I take a walk and pay special attention to little children.  I smile at them, wave at them, try to capture a smile.  Another way that I do it is to walk past the pet store and watch the puppies play.  If I'm lucky enough to walk past someone walking a dog, I stop and pet the dog.  Just thinking about it, I smile.

There are other ways, too.  I ask for a hug, listen to favorite songs, look at the picture of my granddaughter, take a walk in the park.  I sit and breathe and think of all that I am grateful for.  I connect with friends by email, just a short note to let them know that I am thinking about them.

And you?  What do you do to fill your love cup?  How do you recharge your batteries?

Here's a gift for all you music lovers.  This link will take you to a musical time machine where you can hear the top 20 hits of years starting in the 40s up until 1999.

It brought me some smiles.  I even did the twist this morning with Relámpago, my 25 year old turtle.  (Of course, she is too young to remember Chubby Checker.)

1from Pam Leo in Connection Parenting.

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